Outreach classes bring the joy of the circus to you. Lolly Jar Circus outreach opportunities are unique, all-inclusive and affordable.



Qualified and enthusiastic Lolly Jar Circus trainers will bring vibrancy to your school and engage your students. Fun and laughter are guaranteed! We can run a one-off class but a series of classes will maximise the physical, emotional and social benefits for your students.



Lolly Jar Circus is the ideal OSCH or Vacation Care activity! It is suitable for any age and any mixture of ages. It is safe. It is fun but it has benefits such as improved physical and emotional health and social skills.



Whilst our main mission is to work with young people, we have worked with day option adults in their normal social meeting places, or can have groups come to us.



Lolly Jar Circus offers fun and low impact opportunities for young people to participate in the fun of the circus. We require minimal space and are sensitive to the needs of young people who have disabilities or restrictions due to injury or illness. We never put pressure on anyone to participate, but make our activities so enticing that most cannot resist. Our trainers are all qualified, sensitive and have DCSI Working with Children clearances. We are aware of issues such as hygiene and infection control and can work with you to ensure your standards are met.



You will be surprised by how many emotions you experience learning to juggle or spin a plate! All the way from frustration to joy! And nothing will make you laugh more than reliving your childhood with an adult-sized hula hoop. Leaders will emerge. Hard workers will be rewarded. A perfect team-building activity for your workplace. In addition to being affordable for you, your payment will support Lolly Jar Circus programs for young people at risk. Win, win!



Your child will have the happiest, coolest party if you invite us too! Our trainers will bring a parachute, hula hoops, spinning plates, juggling balls, flower sticks and more to your house, or you can arrange to book one of the venues we hire. Healthy fun at a reasonable rate with caring trainers. NB, this is not a performance, this is interactive activity that the children will love.

“Your trainers were fantastic! The kids had a great time with them and it really helped make the party special. Thank you so much.”




Community performances provide an invaluable opportunity for our participants to demonstrate their skills and learning in front of new people and to be proud of themselves.

We have performed at the Disability and Information Resource Centre Expo, the opening of Inclusive Directions Flinders Therapy house, KYD-X Disability Expo and at various Bunnings Family Christmas and Easter parties.