Diezel has cerebral palsy that affects the right side of his body and his speech. Since he was one, Diezel has had to work extremely hard with many different therapies to keep his muscles from tightening, to walk, talk, eat and undertake daily tasks. His parents searched for therapies that would keep him engaged and be fun. They found that “and so much more” at Lolly Jar Circus.

Diezel’s mother Laura says,

“To, Diezel, Lolly Jar Circus is super fun, but to us as parents, we know it is helping to strengthen his core, make him stronger and increase his confidence in ways we never imagined.

Lolly Jar Circus has given us hope to believe that anything is possible, no matter what your limitations may be. Most people see what is and never see what can become… but together with his fabulous trainer Jono, Diezel has built enormous trust and confidence, achieving circus tricks we never imagined possible.

Thank you, Lolly Jar Circus, for letting our Diezel FLY HIGH!!!”



Sandra and Alex


“My daughter Sandra joined Lolly Jar Circus in February 2018. 

I picked this activity as it sounded like one that would assist the needs of Sandra’s elder brother through fun.  Also, having seen Sandra trying to do handstands and cartwheels at home, I felt it could be an activity that Sandra would enjoy.  I enrolled both of my children to join in. 

After one and half years, Sandra has developed much passion for Lolly Jar activities and loves all the trainers who have supported her.  Sandra could be quite hesitant in changing environment and no one could understand her internal anxious silence. 

With the help of positive and encouraging trainers, Sandra is able to cope with different scenarios, build up her confidence, be persistent in learning skills and resilient in hard situations.  

Lolly Jar is fantastic activity and not only great for learning circus.” Peony