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Lolly Jar Circus Board donate their time and skills for the benefits of others



Kim was a founding member of the Lolly Jar Circus board, which he joined to help make a difference in the lives of young people. Kim is determined to ensure that all young people, especially those with disabilities or socially at risk, have adequate opportunities to develop in a safe environment.

Kim is a chartered accountant and director at Perks Integrated Business Services with experience in business and taxation matters. He is actively involved in the community and is a Board member of both the SMSF Association South Australian State Chapter Committee, as well as the Perks Foundation.



CEO (Voluntary, non board)

Judy learned to love circus through watching her children at Cirkidz. She spent 2 years on the organising committee of the Special Olympics National Games 2010. When watching the Games, she was blown away by the ball skills, balance and teamwork of the athletes. Her favourite times were eating dinner with the athletes at their Village and hearing their stories.

The "aha" moment that led to Lolly Jar Circus came when she saw a young lady with Down Syndrome competing in Gymnastics. She was graceful, poised and beautiful. If she could do gymnastics, she could do circus... Judy's qualifications are in Law and Arts, which came in surprisingly handy in setting up and insuring Lolly Jar Circus as well as reading circus articles in French.



Peter is a Senior Manager at Oreon Partners, Chartered Accountants and Financial Planners. He specialises in advising the medical profession as well as businesses related to property. Peter is resourceful, efficient and able to think outside of the box, which serves him well at work and in his involvement with the board of Lolly Jar Circus.

Peter has been on the board since its commencement and has devoted many voluntary hours to processing the trainers’ wages and attending to our accounts. We are very grateful for his commitment.




In addition to her role as Secretary, and a Director of Lolly Jar since its inception, Alicia is currently in the role of Head of Risk and Audit a large ASX listed company and is a Director on the Board of RIMS Australasia Limited, the Australasian chapter of the International Risk Society.

With a background in corporate law and over 12 years of experience working in private sector legal, strategic and external engagement roles, Alicia’s experience provides a strong foundation for her insights into risk and governance.

Alicia is passionate about supporting authenticity, inclusion and diversity in communities and workplaces and finds the role Lolly Jar plays in bringing fun and developing confidence the lives of young people a wonderful thing to be a part of.



Having worked for other circus schools and run her own for several years, Jess is excited to be a part of the Lolly Jar Circus magic. Jess has a degree in dance and theatre and many years of experience performing and teaching circus arts.

While studying, she did a theatre placement with No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability and fell in love with the disability arts platform. It is very important to her that the arts should be available and accessible to every person.

Jess is both a board member and a trainer!



Prior to taking up work in the not for profit sector 10 years ago, Rebecca gained a wealth of experience across a variety of roles in marketing, advertising, media and communications in a range of sectors including government, corporate and consulting. Married to a wine industry veteran, Rebecca was also proprietor of a small boutique wine label for almost 10 years. 

In 2007, she moved into the not-for-profit sector taking on executive roles in marketing, fundraising and strategic development. Completing her MBA with UniSA in 2014 and the Governors Leadership Foundation program in 2016, she has been on the Lolly Jar Circus board since 2016 and is passionate about supporting the sustainable development of the organisation for a long and bright future.

Susan Robertson_Headshot-01.png



Susan joined the Lolly Jar Circus Board in 2018, and brings with her the skills gained over 30 years of legal practice.  Susan has two adult children who have grown up enjoying multiple extra-curricular activities, including Cirkidz, as well as the usual ballet, choir, drama, musical instruments and sports, and knows the joy, confidence and various other benefits they gained from these opportunities. She believes that every child should be able to access these benefits, and have the fun that goes with learning circus skills.

Now in private practice after many years in-house in the petroleum industry, and working in the areas of resources, corporate and commercial law, Susan is happy to be able to contribute her skills and understanding to the Lolly Jar Circus Board.  She is also involved with the Australian Mining & Petroleum Lawyers Association (AMPLA), and is currently Vice-President of the SA Branch.

Sonja Graetz_Headshot-01.png



Sonja is an award-winning marketing and communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience, ranging from gaming to advertising, to government, working in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Her current role with the University of Adelaide as Infrastructure Communications & Engagement Manager, is responsible for managing the Infrastructure Branch communications portfolio.

The role involves developing and implementing communications campaigns and frameworks for projects undertaken by the Infrastructure Branch, and is responsible for the promotion and engagement for the University’s Sustainability program.

Sonja is also member of the board of the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild.

Janice Goodwins_Headshot-01.png


Janice is a Director in the Department for Environment and Water. Her diverse 20-year public sector career, across a number of agencies, has encompassed strategic planning, public policy, legislative review, program management, stakeholder engagement and, more recently, organisational performance, cultural change and reform. She has experience at local, national and international levels and worked overseas for a year in Mindano in the Southern Philippines on Ausaid funded water and waste treatment projects. She has worked extensively with communities to co-design and deliver outcomes and loves working with people.

Janice has two children who participated in a range of artistic and sporting activities growing up and believes that this has shaped their social and emotional development, not to mention keeping them fit and active, and that’s why she loves being a part of Lolly Jar Circus.


Marketing & PR (Non board)

Louise has been working in the media for over 20 years as a Producer, Journalist and Consultant.

Louise's marketing and communications business Pascale Media believes in sharing stories that can change the world. She is a passionate advocate for people with disability and brings her skills and knowledge to Lolly Jar Circus to help us show the world what an inclusive and exciting place it can be.




Our trainers have muscles on their muscles and hearts as big as Australia


“Ei! Ei! What a circus! My Circus McGurkus! My workers love work. They say Work us! please work us! We'll work and we'll work up so many surprises You'd never see half if you had forty eyses!”

Dr Seuss, “If I Ran The Circus”,
first published October 12th 1956 by Random House Books for Young Readers


Head Trainer (Campbelltown)

Jonathan is a circus performer, trainer and director with more than 12 years of experience in the professional circus scene. He started his circus journey at Cirkidz in 2005. Since then he has performed as a flying trapeze artist in Thailand and Indonesia and as an acrobat across Australia, England and Belgium. Jonathan has directed shows with Circus schools in Adelaide, Cairns, Byron Bay, London and different parts of Belgium and worked with circus schools in Italy, Finland, and Estonia.  He was 50% of hand-to-hand Duo “Jono and Nikki” in London and created Belgium’s Parkour Performance troupe ‘Bounce’. More recently he was one of the founding acrobats for local circus company “Outside the Lines Circus”. Jonathan’s specialities are hand-to-hand, partner acrobatics, trapeze, duo trapeze and performance craft. Jonathan now works as Artist Development Coordinator for the South Australian Circus Centre – Home of Cirkidz, and is one of the Head Trainers for Lolly Jar Circus.



Head Trainer (Windsor Gardens)

Felicity comes from a gymnastics background, first as a competitor and then as a coach. She has developed and run school and club programs both in SA and interstate, including the Special Olympics artistic gymnastics program in South Australia in the mid 1990’s. Felicity is also a performing singer. Felicity is grateful for the many wonderful friendships she has made with trainers and participants at Lolly Jar Circus. 



Head Trainer (Edwardstown)

Nick has a long history of involvement with the performing and creative arts, however his love for circus came about whilst working at a Canadian summer camp where he was introduced to flying trapeze. Since that time, he has worked locally and internationally as a circus trainer and performer. Nick is a multi-skilled artist who relishes any opportunity to get his feet off the ground and is currently undertaking studies to become an accredited Exercise Physiologist. 





In 2004, while attending a physics workshop at school, Sam learned to juggle and his interest in circus began. The self-taught circus performer is most passionate about unicycling, which became an obsession, particularly off-road and distance riding. Sam is also a mechanical engineer who loves woodworking. 


Marina was born into the world of circus, tumbling, rolling and soaring since before she could walk and following in the footsteps of her professional circus performing brothers. Marina specialises in juggling and side show. Marina is the founder, director and producer of award-winning circus company, Point & Flex Circus and has just joined the Circus Oz troupe. When Marina is not on the stage herself she enjoys teaching circus to others and would like all children to experience its fun and benefits. She also has an interest in prop and set design. 


Lucy has been involved in circus since she was thirteen years old, specialising in juggling and object manipulation, in particular devilsticks. When she is not juggling Lucy also enjoys aggressive inline skating (rollerblading) and is passionate about animals, biology and wildlife conservation. She has first class Honours in Animal Science with a thesis on frog speciation. 



Lisa is an internationally-renowned circus performer specialising in hula hoop and acrobatics. She tours and performs with one of Australia's leading contemporary circus troupes, CIRCA. Lisa also loves spreading her passion for circus by teaching others and watching their joy as they grow in circus skills, confidence, persistence and team work. 


Brianna is an often-time volunteer and some-time paid trainer who has been with Lolly Jar since 2015 and absolutely loves spending time in classes and attending LJC events. The smiles, giggles, and celebrations of achievement and growth keep her coming back for more. Brianna has a Bachelor of Psychology, is about to finish a Masters of Occupational Therapy and hopes to continue working with children in the future. 


Susan is also an often-time volunteer and some-time paid trainer. Her background includes nursing, counselling and environmental science and she currently works full time in research management. She brings us yoga and mentoring experience and says that she is constantly inspired by and in awe of the skills, strengths and tenacity of all the participants. She calls Lolly Jar Circus a world of joy and surprise that she is fortunate to be a part of. 



Jessica brings a wealth of colourful experience to Lolly Jar Circus, boasting local involvement with Carclew and Cirkidz where she completed her early training, as well as international prowess having studied Comedia Dell-Arte and acrobatics with Antonio Fava in Reggie Emilia, Italy. Over a more than 2 decades Jessica has run workshops and managed performances across the world at iconic festivals. Currently Jessica manages Kaleidoskope Arts as well as working with Lolly Jar Circus. 


Charlie is a trainee trainer. He has been at Lolly Jar Circus since it began and loves it! Charlie is the first participant to graduate to trainer. His favourite skill is hula-hooping. He loves helping the participants learn to listen and to balance. 


Rikki’s background is in gymnastics and music. He volunteered for many hours before becoming a paid trainer. He is a very popular role model for our teenage boys. 





Enrich your own life and the lives of our young people


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” 
Dr Seuss, The Lorax, first published in 1972 by Random House

Lolly Jar Circus trains volunteers in how to support our participants. Physical fitness necessary.

There are also opportunities to support our Management with computer, photographic and event management tasks.

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